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Melzer Data Carrier Production Equipment
Melzer Data Carrier Product
Melzer’s Data Carrier Equipment manufactures magnetic tape parking and toll tickets, boarding passes and others.
Melzer e-Government Production Systems
Melzer ID Press
MELZER offers flexible and efficient inline e-government production systems for the next generation of ID and security documents that, according to
Melzer Plastic Cards Production Equipment
Melzer MI600
Melzer offers production equipment for a wide range of plastic cards. Melzer equipment produces mono-layer and laminated cards.
Melzer SC-X RFID Converting Machine
High speed and multiple track converting machine With more than 60 years of craftsmanship experience, MELZER develops customized solutions for
Melzer Smart Labels, Tickets, Tags, Production Equipment
Melzet STL-Lt
MELZER high-speed RFID machines offer industry leading production performance of smart labels, tickets, tags and cards.
Melzer Special Product Systems
Melzer Specialty Product Chart
  MELZER’s modular specialty product systems deliver flexibility, short set-up times and precision quality now and in the future. From
MI-5000 – Milling and Implanting Machine
This high speed machine, combining milling and implanting, belongs in the class of the fastest and most powerful in the
MI-6000 – Combi-Machine for Milling and Implanting
For Dual Interface and Chip Cards This high speed machine is the fastest and most efficient for the industrial production
Smart Label Machine SL-600
High Speed Production Equipment for the World of RFID Products More than 60 years of experience in producing ticket, tag
The MELZER M4 system
Latest Application Technologies The MELZER M4 system is ideal for the production of RFID inlays for plastic cards, e-passport components
The MELZER M4-S Machine
The MELZER M4-S Machine opens a new dimension in manufacturing sheet-based products. The fully digital production machine makes production on