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Complete Line of Digital Laser Systems for Wide-Format Processing

The demands of manufacturers and converters of the wide format industry are increasingly required to reduce time to market by guaranteeing high quality and low cost. SEI Laser‘s technology represents the future fast growing production. Laser systems digitally replace traditional methods of marking, engraving and cutting of plastics, acrylic, steel, wood, and a wide variety of fabrics. 


SEI Laser is the top of the range professional laser system for CO2 laser cutting, characterized by a wide flexibility of use and high performance. High accuracy and repeatability of the laser cutting profile are combined with top performance in the sector. The solid structure, combined with the movement of the Cartesian X-Y axes, through high-performance linear motors and the position control, through high precision optical scales, guarantee unique production and quality performances even for intensive use 24/7.


SEI Laser offers a variety of wide-format laser systems for a variety of applications.

Easy Laser for Cutting, Kiss-Cutting and Marking
Easy Laser
Easy Laser for Cutting, Kiss-Cutting and Marking The Easy Laser by SEI Laser is a revolutionary tool for businesses seeking
FLEXI 1300 CONVEYOR Textile Laser Cutting Equipment
Textile Conveyor, SEI Laser Flexi 1300 Conveyor
SEI Laser FLEXI 1300 CONVEYOR, Textile Laser Cutting Equipment Maximum productivity in roll materials processing and finishing Processes: cutting, marking
MATRIX TEXTILE Laser Machine for Textile Roll Processing
Laser Machine for Textile Roll Processing, SEI Laser Matrix Textile
The Matrix Textile is the “high-end” laser machine for textile roll processing with laser technology.
Mercury Wide-Format Laser Cutting and Marking
Mercury Conveyor
The “top of the range” professional laser system for CO2 laser cutting and marking. Great flexibility of use and application/processing.
NRGL Conveyor
NRGL High-Performance Laser Cutting, Engraving and Marking of Sheet and Roll Materials for Textiles, Paper, Plastic Films and More
X-Wave Conveyor
X-Wave Conveyor
The X-Wave Conveyor is the fastest professional laser system for cutting rolls of organic and technical fabric: high-speed, high-precision and