Decorative Film Industry
OLBRICH Decorative Film Industry
Through our decades of experience in the decorative film industry we know: Your sector has the highest optical demands. This
DRAGON Compact Laser Plotter for Small Format Cutting
Compact Laser Plotter, Dragon
The compact and fast flatbed plotter CO2 laser system for small format cutting. High flexibility of use, quality and accurate cutting.
Film Industry Adhesive Tape
OLBRICH Film Industry Adhesive Tape
As one of the leading suppliers of production equipment and machinery for the finishing of self-adhesive films and papers, we
FLEXI 1300 CONVEYOR Textile Laser Cutting Equipment
Textile Conveyor, SEI Laser Flexi 1300 Conveyor
SEI Laser FLEXI 1300 CONVEYOR, Textile Laser Cutting Equipment Maximum productivity in roll materials processing and finishing Processes: cutting, marking
FLEXI BLU LGP Panel/Backlight Laser Machine
SEI Laser FLexi Blu
FLEXI BLU LGP Panel/Backlight Laser Machine is the high-end solution for high-speed production of LGP panels for backlight applications.  
FLEXI GUNS Laser Decorating
SEI Laser Flexi Gun for Laser Decorating Guns
FLEXI GUNS is the laser system specifically designed for the aesthetic or functional marking and engraving of guns and three-dimensional
Floor Covering Industry
Floor Coverings Industry
With OLBRICH you can rely on state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience from hundreds of reference plants in the floor
Further Branches
OLBRICH Further Branches
Tailor-made solutions for a wide range of applications are our strength. Tell us your individual requirements for the production of
H-TYPE Flatbed Plotter Laser System
Flatbed Plotter Laser System, SEI Laser H-Type
The SEI Laser H-Type is the flatbed plotter CO2 laser system for medium format cutting: accuracy and high performances in the
INFINITY LINE Laser Cutting and Marking
Textile Laser Marking and Cutting, SEI Laser Infinity Line
INFINITY LINE Laser Cutting and Marking Provides Maximum Productivity Processes: cutting, marking, engraving and perforation Processable materials: paper, card, leather,
KELVA BR31 Non-Contact Web Cleaner
KEVLA Non-Contact Web Cleaner BR31
The KELVA BR31 is a non-contact web cleaner for medium sized webs. The 3-channel design is compact with high capacity.
KELVA BR43 Non-Contact Web Cleaner
KELVA Non-Contact Web Cleaner BR43
KELVA’s non-contact web cleaner head BR43 is for narrow webs and uses both vacuum and pressure to clean both sides
KELVA BR43L Non-Contact Web Cleaner
KELVA Non-Contact Web Cleaner BR43L
KELVA’s BR43 non-contact web cleaner is used for continuous narrow webs up to 27.55" wide and cleans both sides of
KELVA BR45 Non-Contact Web Cleaner
KELVA BR45 Non-Contact Web Cleaner
KELVA BR45 non-contact web cleaning head is for narrow web applications. It can be opened manually to facilitate the threading
KELVA Brakes
Kelva Brakes
KELVA brakes are designed for many different applications. Three brake sizes are available, all of which can be equipped with
KELVA Contact Web Cleaner CWC
KELVA Contact Web Cleaning CWC
KELVA Contact Web Cleaner CWC, our standard label printing cleaner, is widely used for non-fibrous material, suitable for web speeds
KELVA Contact Web Cleaner LC
KELVA contact web cleaner LC
The LC is KELVA’s most compact contact web cleaner for single sided cleaning and mounts on top of an existing
KELVA Contact Web Cleaner LCW
Kelva Contact Web Cleaner LCW
The LCW is KELVA’s contact web cleaner for wider single sided webs and mounts on top of an existing roller