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MELZER offers flexible and efficient inline e-government production systems for the next generation of ID and security documents that, according to ICAO standard, are provided with contactless technologies. Melzer’s equipment is modular to customize each system to your specific application. In addition to saving development time, MELZER production lines are reliable and can be updated with the latest technology as your business changes.

E-passport, e-NID, e-drivers licenses, e-visa sticker and other RFID documents have an inlay that can be produced on MELZER M4 machines. For e-passport holder page production, e-NID cards and all other RFID data carriers made of plastic and being in ID-1, ID-2 and ID-3 format, the MELZER card lamination line offers an extremely efficient production system. Short cycle times and the highest precision and process stability ensure a reliable production of high-end RFID products.

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