SEI LogoLaser cutting, marking and engraving on wood creates beautiful and reproduceable products. The innovative technology reduces production times, increases the range of customizations and accurately replicates designs. Thanks to next-generation lasers, our products can realize unique customizations with quality craftsmanship.


SEI Laser developed a wide range of laser systems for wood-based products. With many sizes of laser cutting systems for wood, as well as laser systems for wood marking, engraving and texturing, we can provide a solution to grow your business. Our advanced technology provides the most complete range of laser machines for companies who create wood products.

Wood Laser Cut BoxThe latest laser technology is compatible for many application needs including:

  • Architectural models
  • Artistic and promotional gadgets
  • Automotive interior
  • Building materials
  • Firearms
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen/house accessories
  • Luxury packaging
  • Marine
  • Toys
  • Wood inlay

SEI Lasers can process different types of wood like: MDF and HDF, multiplex, plywood and chipboard, natural wood, precious wood, solid wood, cork and veneer.

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