The Digital Cutting Revolution

The Future of Customized Packaging

PaperOne is the leading range of laser cutting and engraving systems for paper and cardboard. With PaperOne, you can produce sophisticated folding carton and packaging in small and large production batches.


The laser system is the perfect solution for businesses that want to offer their customers a unique and personalized experience. With PaperOne, you can create packaging that is both stylish and functional, that will help products stand out from the competition.


Some benefits of PaperOne include:

  • Extreme precision: PaperOne uses laser technology to ensure the highest level of precision, even on complex designs.
  • Fast change jobs: PaperOne can be quickly and easily set up for new jobs, so you can save time and money on production.
  • Reduced waste: PaperOne helps to reduce waste by eliminating the need for mechanical die-cutting systems.
  • Innovative creasing: PaperOne offers innovative solutions for the creation of professional creasing, so you can create packaging with stunning folds and creases.

If you’re looking for a way to produce high-quality, customized packaging, then PaperOne is the perfect solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about how PaperOne can supercharge your business.

Web Cleaning

KELVA is the leading supplier of web and sheet cleaning equipment. Specific solutions for labels assure you of the best cleaning solution for your application.

A dust-free production line can help improve quality and customer satisfaction. KELVA offers non-contact and contact solutions for new machines and for retrofit in existing machines.


Machine Solutions

Upgrade Your Folding Carton Production

Melzer RFID Integration

High speed and multiple track converting machine. Add tracking functions to your labels for smart luggage tags/labels/tickets, garment tags and more.

KELVA Web Cleaning

KELVA web cleaning systems remove contamination from moving webs, improving product quality, reducing waste and improving workplace safety while maintaining production speed.

Support and Service

Our experienced service technicians are available for rapid response and many parts are in-stock at our West Hartford, Connecticut location.

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