MI-6000For Dual Interface and Chip Cards

This high speed machine is the fastest and most efficient for the industrial production of dual interface cards.

Cavity milling, contact milling of the antenna bumps, application of conductive glue and chip module implanting is carried out in one line in a fully automated process working from card feed magazine to card delivery magazine with an output of up to 5,500 cards/h. The specially designed and patented tower mills down precisely to the antenna contact in a separate step after the actual chip cavity was formed by the milling tower.

This separate production step allows the highest production speed and guarantees a constant chip module level in the card. Highly precise dispensing systems apply the dots of conductive glue, ensuring a secure and reliable connection between antenna and chip module.

Each individual card is automatically measured and tested for functionality (with or without a contact module). Of course, standard chip cards can also be produced on the MI-6000.

Solid engineering, first-class components and industrial robot technology ensure a reliable function of this high speed machine in a 3-shift operation.

Technical Specifications MI-6000/MI-6000 D

Conductive glue application for Dual Interface Cards

Dispensing position accuracy +/– 50 µm
Dispensing volume accuracy 5 %
Dispensing time 5–200 ms
Dispensing pressure 0.2 – 2.5 bar
Yield ≥ 99 %
Power 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz, 7.5 kW
Compressed air 500 l/min, 8 bar
Dimensions and Weight
with closed door (h x l x d) 7.22 x 21.9 x 3.60 feet (2.20 x 6.70 x 1.10 meters)
with open door (h x l x d) 9.51 x 21.9 x 3.60 feet (2.90 x 6.70 x 1.10 meters)
Depth incl. operation panel 6.89 feet (2.10 meters)
Weight 7,936 lbs (3,600 kg)

Smart Cards

Card dimensions according to ID-1 format
Cavity position according to ISO 7816
Card material PVC, ABS, PC, PET-G
Other materials upon request
Speed up to 5,000 dual interface cards/h¹
up to 6,000 smart cards/h¹
Milling parameters For cavity milling
Number of milling heads 4
Milling accuracy x-/y-axis +/– 25 µm
Milling spindle speed up to 30,000 rpm
Implanting parameters
Implanting accuracy x-/y-axis +/– 40 µm
Accuracy module punch +/– 10 µm
Accuracy punching position +/– 50 µm
Implanting pressure range 100–280 N
Implanting heating range up to 446° F (230° C)
Implanting cooling range 41° F (5° C) up to room temperature
Time for changing from hot to cold 700 ms
¹ depending on module geometry and card material


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