High-Quality Labels Using the Latest Technologies

True Digital Label and Sticker Finishing

A huge technological revolution is happening in the world of printing, converting and finishing of labels in rolls making a positive impact on the digital systems.


SEI Laser machine Labelmaster, used instead of the traditional mechanical die cutter, allows a fully digital work flow from the beginning to the end: from the PDF file to delivery, guaranteeing a fluid workflow.


Labelmaster can be configured according to specific needs at the moment of purchase and later with optional upgrades that can be installed on site.


Labelmaster is a technologically advanced laser system for converting roll materials in the packaging & labelling industry. It is the best modular solution for digital and traditional finishing.


Web Cleaning

KELVA is the leading supplier of web and sheet cleaning equipment. Specific solutions for labels assure you of the best cleaning solution for your application.


The majority of labels are printed on coated paper, film or foil webs. A dust-free production line can help improve quality and customer satisfaction. KELVA offers non-contact and contact solutions for new machines and for retrofit in existing machines.


Upgrade Your Label Production

Melzer RFID Integration

High speed and multiple track converting machine. Add tracking functions to your labels for smart luggage tags/labels/tickets, garment tags and more.

SENSOTEC Register Controls

Increase the efficiency of label printing with Melzer's highly sensitive detection. With increased reliability of the register marks, even with low-contrast colors, Melzer makes it possible to reduce waste under all production conditions.

Support and Service

Our experienced service technicians are available for rapid response and many parts are in-stock at our West Hartford, Connecticut location.

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