SEI Laser 40 years


SEI Laser is celebrating 40 years of operations thanks to a strong culture of engineering, loyalty, innovation and excellence.


In 1982, SEI founders (now owners and strategic operative guides of the company) started a company to design and develop machinery and automation systems.


During its continuing growth, the company has become an important leader in laser technology. Their innovative solutions help customers meet the changing demands of international markets.


Today, SEI Laser S.p.A. is a leading Italian industrial company with manufacturing facilities in Italy and worldwide distribution. Matik, Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor of SEI Laser Systems.


From labels to product packaging, SEI’s custom laser systems offers a wide range of solutions to meet its customers’ unique application needs. The Company’s strategic investments deliver high-performance laser systems with low costs, energy savings, sustainability factors, ergonomics, efficiency and superior product quality.


40 years of innovation and continuous improvement have delivered products with high customer satisfaction. During this anniversary, the company will reflect on its past and plan for the future by collaborating with the next generation.


SEI Laser is excited to celebrate their milestone with its team in Italy and all over the world, with its managers, employees, sales agents, customers, dealers, suppliers and all the people who have helped us to achieve this goal.