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Packmaster CW

Packmaster CW Window Packaging

In recent years, packaging — including flexible packaging — has played a vital role in our daily life and a strategic role as an element of brand awareness and product differentiation. Consumers love products that can demonstrate freshness, quality and authenticity. Seeing the product inside packaging is a particularly important feature that packaging manufacturers must be able to meet, in addition to the convenience of being easily opened.

SEI’s Flexible Packaging Line of laser systems allow for the creation of different innovative solutions in the flexible packaging world, including easy opening, windowed packaging, micro- and macro-perforations for breathability and microwavable properties of the product.

Packmaster CW Application

The Packmaster CrossWeb (CW) can be integrated into either solventless laminating machines for window packaging applications or into slitter-rewinders for easy-opening or easy-ventilation applications. It is available for web widths up to 71” (1,800 mm) and web speeds up to 1,300 fpm (400 m/min) while cutting, scoring and perforating with galvanometric scanning heads. Processable materials include paper, laminated paper and film, PET, PP, PE, Nylon, PTFE.

The all-digital process allows a rapid change-over and a significant time and cost reduction.

Packmaster CW