Easy Laser for Cutting, Kiss-Cutting and Marking

Easy Laser for Cutting, Kiss-Cutting and Marking The Easy Laser by SEI Laser is a revolutionary tool for businesses seeking to push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship. Forget limitations – the Easy empowers you to mark, kiss-cut and cut a vast array of materials with exquisite precision and unrivaled ease. Unleash Your Creativity: A Read more…

H-TYPE Flatbed Plotter Laser System

The SEI Laser H-Type is the flatbed plotter CO2 laser system for medium format cutting: accuracy and high performances in the same laser system.

X-TYPE, Medium Format Plotter Laser System

The fastest plotter CO2 laser system for medium format cutting, with the highest performances available on the market.

DRAGON Compact Laser Plotter for Small Format Cutting

The compact and fast flatbed plotter CO2 laser system for small format cutting. High flexibility of use, quality and accurate cutting.

Paperone 5000

  SEI Laser Paperone 5000 Digital Converting and Finishing System SEI Laser Paperone 5000 is the most innovative advanced digital converting and finishing system for sheet materials. It is compatible with paper, paperboard, PET, PP and BOPP. Paperone 5000 simplifies and unifies different processes. It is the most flexible and fastest machine for complex laser Read more…

Paperone 3500

SEI Laser Paperone 3500 for Laser Converting and Decorating Paperone 3500 is the most flexible, cutting-edge system for laser converting and decorating. It provides real-time creating and laser cutting as well as micro-perforating, decorating, piercing, engraving, bleaching and marking or paper sheets, paperboard and adhesive-coated paper. It is compatible with paper, PP, BOPP and PET Read more…


SEI Labelmaster is the state of the art system for processing roll materials in the packaging and labeling fields.