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Paperone 3500

SEI Laser Paperone 3500 for Laser Converting and Decorating

Paperone 3500 is the most flexible, cutting-edge system for laser converting and decorating. It provides real-time creating and laser cutting as well as micro-perforating, decorating, piercing, engraving, bleaching and marking or paper sheets, paperboard and adhesive-coated paper. It is compatible with paper, PP, BOPP and PET substrates in sheet sizes up to 14″ by 41″ or B3 and thicknesses from 6 to 24 pt.

With speeds up to 2,500 sheets per hour, it is the fastest and most flexible machine for complex digital cutting for micro-packaging and brochures, greeting cards, literature, posters, envelops and more. These capabilities are unreachable by traditional die-cutting machines.

Paperone 3500 is the only system able to deliver perfect register. All processes are performed in single sample or batches, ensuring high productivity and accuracy. Thanks to a fast, accurate feeder it can feed many different sizes up to 14″ by 41″ inches and thickness from 6 to 24 point (0.15 to 0.6 mm).


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