KELVA TLX Non-Contact Web Cleaner

The KELVA TLX Non-Contact Web Cleaner efficiently removes dust and particles from wide webs and features integrated 24VDC antistatic.

KELVA TL1 Non-Contact Web Cleaner

KELVA’s new TL1 non-contact web cleaner offers an efficient web cleaning solution for webs up to 70.86″ (1800 mm) in standard configuration.

KELVA ST85CC Non-Contact Corrugated Web Cleaner

The KELVA ST85CC non-contact corrugated web cleaner is specially developed for the corrugated industry with integrated infeed plate and grid.

KELVA SL1 Non-Contact Web Cleaner

KELVA’s new SL1 non-contact web cleaner head has the capacity of a larger web cleaner head in a compact flat size.

KELVA HS85 Non-Contact Web Cleaner

KELVA HS85 non-contact web cleaner is a flexible double-sided web cleaner customizable for large webs up to 393.7″ (10000 mm) wide.

KELVA HS65 Flexible Non-Contact Web Cleaner

KELVA HS65 is a flexible non-contact web cleaner with customization for wide webs and integrated active antistatic bars.

KELVA BR45 Non-Contact Web Cleaner

KELVA BR45 non-contact web cleaning head is for narrow web applications. It can be opened manually to facilitate the threading of the web. It is used in applications such as paper, film, tissue and textile. The BR45 has air connections in one or both ends, depending on web width. Active or passive antistatic equipment is Read more…

KELVA BR43L Non-Contact Web Cleaner

KELVA’s BR43 non-contact web cleaner is used for continuous narrow webs up to 27.55″ wide and cleans both sides of the web simultaneously.

KELVA BR43 Non-Contact Web Cleaner

KELVA’s non-contact web cleaner head BR43 is for narrow webs and uses both vacuum and pressure to clean both sides simultaneously.

KELVA BR31 Non-Contact Web Cleaner

The KELVA BR31 is a non-contact web cleaner for medium sized webs. The 3-channel design is compact with high capacity.