Kelva logoKELVA TXL-D Non-Contact Web Cleaner

The KELVA TLX Non-Contact Web Cleaner efficiently removes dust and particles from wide webs. KELVA TLX features a very powerful airflow of both vacuum and blowing air with integrated 24VDC antistatic. The cleaner is opened and closed using pneumatic cylinders that lift to allow access to web threading and service. Standard lifting height is 3.93″ (100 mm).

The circulating air is connected to the cleaner through high speed connections to minimize pressure drop. Antistatic bars are mounted in the blowing air profiles where they are protected and stay clean.

KELVA TLX Non-Contact Web Cleaner – Highlights

  • Compact design
  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Multiple antistatic choices
  • Standardized design to reduce lead time


Application: Various wide web, all materials
Web widths: up to 114.17″ (2900 mm) — special air connections are available to allow wider webs
Antistatic bars: Standard 24 VDC incl. 3 m cable, 115/230V available on request

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