Kelva logoKELVA HS65 Flexible Non-Contact Web Cleaner

KELVA HS65 is a flexible non-contact web cleaner allowing customization for wide webs up to 92.51″ (2350 mm) wide. The KELVA HS65 has active antistatic bars (115/230VAC) integrated in the blowing profiles. Operated by pneumatic cylinders, allowing space for web threading and service.

KELVA HS65 Flexible Non-Contact Web Cleaner  – Highlights

  • Flexible design
  • Integrated antistatics
  • High extent of customer adaptation
  • Double-sided web cleaning


Application: Web widths up to 92.51″ (2350 mm)
Power: 115/230V, 50/60 Hz for anti-static device
Standard: Top hose connections, cylinder operated opening, 50 mm stroke
Antistatics: Integrated
HS65BT – Brush Type Cleaner for more aggressive cleaning
ST65 – 3-channel compact design

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