Kelva logoKEVLA SL1 Non-Contact Web Cleaner

The new KELVA SL1 non-contact web cleaner has the capacity of a larger web cleaner head in a compact flat size. With the choice of a 24V DC bar, only one bar is necessary for low web speeds in many cases. This will further decrease size and will make a power unit redundant.

KELVA SL1 Non-Contact Web Cleaner – Highlights

  • Web width up to 62.99″ (1600 mm)
  • 4-chamber solution for easier balancing of the web
  • Multiple antistatic bar options 115/230 VAC, or 24VDC externally mounted for higher efficiency
  • Compact size
  • Venturi inlet for better suction of surrounding dust
  • Easy adjustment of upper and lower part of the head


Web width: 29.52″ to 32.99″ (750-1600 mm)
 Almost any, i.e. paper, tissue, textile, film, non woven
Power: 24VDC bars, 115/230V,  50/60 Hz for anti-static device
Pneumatic requirement: 5 bar
Air connections: Single sided up to 800 mm wide webs
Options: Multiple antistatic choices
Special models:
SL2 – Special slot configuration for low tension webs as fabrics and thin film/foil

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