KELVA Spare Parts and Consumables

With our knowledge in repair and maintenance, we ensure your products and systems will keep running smooth.

KELVA LV9 Web Tension Control

The Kelva web tension control registers reduction in diameter of a reel and regulates air pressure to a KELVA brake for constant web tension.

KELVA Level Control LV2 and LV6

KELVA Level Control LV2 gives a signal at a low level while the KELVA Level Control LV6 gives a signal at a high level to control your pump system. Air-operated and ATEX approved Works with all air operated pumps Specifications Product name: KELVA Level Regulator (LV) Accuracy: Differences of +/- 1mm will activate the level regulator Material: LV, Read more…


KELVA IP double acting, pneumatic diaphragm pumps


KELVA’s classic and versatile VP Pump is available in a number of sizes. The VP6 is our smallest VP Pump and the VP12 is our largest


The Economic Solution KELVA LF Pump has a revolutionary air valve design and central flow technique. It has a compact design and offers total flexibility during installation. The KELVA LF features a central flow, efficient air motor, new flap valve design and flexible diaphragm suspension that reduces both pulsation and noise. Less pulsation (-70%) Lower Read more…

KELVA Brakes

KELVA brakes are designed for many different applications. Three brake sizes are available, all of which can be equipped with high or low friction pads and cover braking requirements for a wide variety of materials. KELVA brakes are pneumatically operated and explosion-proof. An ATEX certificate is available upon request. KELVA Brakes – Advantages Fully air-operated Read more…

KELVA Non-Contact Web Cleaning Systems

A KELVA Cleanflow non-contact web cleaning system comprises of a web cleaner with integrated antistatic equipment, filter/ fan unit and connecting duct system. The unique design of the KELVA web cleaner allows the system to clean both sides of the web simultaneously. The cleaner neutralizes the static charge and breaks down the boundary air layer, Read more…

KELVA Contact Web Cleaning Systems

KELVA contact web cleaning systems are available for both single- and double-sided continuous contact web cleaning.