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KELVA brakes are designed for many different applications. Three brake sizes are available, all of which can be equipped with high or low friction pads and cover braking requirements for a wide variety of materials. KELVA brakes are pneumatically operated and explosion-proof. An ATEX certificate is available upon request.

KELVA Brakes – Advantages

  • Fully air-operated
  • Constant web tension in combination with our tension controller LV9
  • Easy to maintain and install
  • Reliable high quality standards
  • Three different sizes, each available with high or low friction brake pads


Product name: KELVA Brakes B0.6, B1.5 and B3.0
Capacity: 60-500 Nm
Control: Pneumatic and air cooled
Shaft standards: B0.6 – 25mm
B1.5 – 35, 32.5, 30mm
B3.0 – 40, 35 and 32.5mm
Safety: Explosion proof

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