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Origami: Innovative Digital 3D Printing Station for Creasing and Embossing 

Innovative, proprietary Origami creasing/embossing system uses a male/female concept. A stand-alone 3D digital printing station that allows for quick and simple creation of creasing and embossing plates without outsourcing. The quality is equal to that of traditional professional creasing.

It is a unique and patented solution for the complete digitalization of the production process.

A digital file is directly imported to SEI’s proprietary software with its new 3D printing control algorithm. The creasing matrix, which is 100 percent reusable and recyclable, is ready to be fitted into the Paperone 5000 and Paperone 7000 creasing module.

Origami offers the possibility to create state-of-the-art three dimensional male/female plates for both linear and curved creasing as well as embossing offline utilizing low-cost consumables.


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