Floor Coverings IndustryWith OLBRICH you can rely on state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience from hundreds of reference plants in the floor covering industry worldwide. Therefore, you can always rely on the high reliability, efficiency and flexibility of your machines.

In close cooperation with you, our machinery experts implement systems for each of your process steps: from multi-layer product construction through surface finishing to the winding or packing of ready-to-sell floor covering rolls or tiles. Thanks to our expert process engineering advice, you know right from the start what is important for your new systems.

Over the past 70 years, OLBRICH has realized many innovations for the floor covering industry: from the world’s first five-metre wide coating lines for heterogeneous PVC floor coverings to the introduction of consistent inline production and in-register embossing (EIR – embossing in register) for luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and cushioned vinyls (CV).

With coating lines from OLBRICH, you benefit from consistent process optimizations, ease of maintenance and optimum process windows with regard to your coating media. The variety of different coating processes allows you to easily create innovative and flexible floor coverings that set you apart from the competition: In addition to common CV floor coverings, also for state-of-the-art LVT, PVC-free products or carpet tiles with special backings.

As an experienced supplier of complete coating and drying systems, OLBRICH can also offer you tailor made systems. This ensures maximum efficiency for your production.

Coating Technology:

  • Knife over roll coaters, KOR
  • Combined knife over roll coaters with take-off roller
  • Roll Coater, RC (two rollers)
  • Three-Roll-Reverse-Roll-Coater, RRC (three rollers)
  • Heated rollers and coating knives
  • Automatic coat weight control via weight measuring systems or recipe management

Printing Technology:

  • Doctor chamber systems for minimal ink consumption during ink changes
  • Turret heads for different working widths
  • Digital pre-setting of the register control systems
  • Safe tension control and visualization during the entire printing process
  • High performance intermediate dryer
  • Machines for direct/indirect coating application
  • Forward or Reverse coating
  • Tandem printing/coating units for quick product changes during production

Drying Technology:

  • Circulating air heating with thermal oil, steam or natural gas
  • Frequency controlled recirculation fans
  • Combined or separate upper/lower air supply
  • Bottom heating plates and separate top air supply
  • Combined heating plates for top and bottom heat
  • Goods transport systems with special conveyor belts/idler rollers
  • Annealing lines

Laminating Technology:

  • Thermal laminating
  • Lamination by means of adhesives
  • Lamination with central cylinder
  • Pre-conditioning of the films

Embossing/Smoothing Technology:

  • In-register embossing, EIR (embossing in register)
  • Hot embossing
  • Turret embossers
  • Vertical or horizontal web pass
  • Optimum energy efficiency

Calendar Lines:

  • Coating and film calenders (MRC – melt roller calender)
  • Inline calender systems
  • Offline calendering systems
  • Laminating calender
  • Calibration calender

Winding Technology:

  • Unwinder/rewinder
  • Single/double winder
  • Turret winder (shafted or shaftless)
  • Center winder
  • Circumferential winder
  • Semi-automatic winders
  • Fully automatic jumbo roll winders
  • Fully automatic finished roll winders (CRW – customer roll winders)

Finishing Technology:

  • Fully automatic packaging machines (with craft paper or film)
  • End wrapping
  • Labelling
  • Roll logistics
  • Sheet/slab handling and cutting machine
  • Robot technology for the stacking of slabs

Drive and Control Technology:

  • Conception and realization of the drive technology
  • Switchgear planning and manufacturing
  • Software engineering for CPU
  • Visualization / scada systems
  • Support and assistance with IQ and OQ
  • Service over the entire life cycle
  • Retrofittings and Upgrades
  • Service through remote support

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