OLBRICH Decorative Film IndustryThrough our decades of experience in the decorative film industry we know: Your sector has the highest optical demands. This is why OLBRICH has specialized in meeting your quality requirements 100 percent.

Our systems and machines for the decorative film industry are regarded worldwide as a reference for quality – among others by automotive groups and suppliers, artificial leather manufacturers for luxury shoes or bags as well as the major decorative film manufacturers for furniture, windows or stretch ceilings.

On request, we can also provide you with turnkey complete packages from a single source – from conception to extensive tests in our technical center to production and assembly of your machines. On request, we can also undertake complete factory planning.

Our wide range of energy-efficient high-performance dryers offers you optimum results for every type of film: OLBRICH systems guarantee high temperature accuracy, perfect reproducibility and uniform drying across the entire width. For higher line speeds, our highly effective and patented horizontal dryers with CTS-TP nozzles are the first choice. Of course, we also supply Exx dryers with the associated concentration detection and control systems.

For the dryer design of your project, we use both computer simulations and drying tests in our technical center. In this way, our experts determine exactly the necessary dryer lengths depending on your desired production speeds. The dryer temperatures typically are up to 302 °F (150 °C) during production.

Our drying systems are suitable for all types of decorative films: In the automotive industry, for example, for films used in instrument panels, door and side panels, sun visors, seat covers or hat shelves. 2D and 3D decorative films are particularly in demand in the furniture industry, for example for window profiles, door panels and furniture or ship interiors.

Coating Technologies:

  • Coating of PVC and PU (with and without solvents)
  • Compact films and foamed films
  • Coating with a doctor blade (knife over roll)
  • Reverse roll coater (RRC)
  • Glue application
  • Application of PU-coatings
  • Lamination of fabrics and knitted fabrics

Printing Technologies:

  • Inline systems for non-stop design changes while production is running
  • Machines for direct and/or indirect lacquer application
  • UV lacquering
  • Primer coating
  • Printing lines with register control systems
  • Sleeve technology
  • Trolley systems for quick product changes

Drying Technologies:

  • Top air dryer
  • Top/bottom air dryer
  • Top/bottom air dryer with CTS-TP nozzles (OLBRICH patent)
  • Annealing systems
  • Gelling ovens
  • Foaming ovens
  • UV drying systems

Laminating Technologies:

  • Hot laminating lines with central laminating cylinder
  • Hot laminating lines with single roller conveyors
  • variable pre-heating
  • Double, triple and multi-layer laminations
  • Cold lamination with adhesive systems
  • Infrared heating systems
  • delaminating equipment

Embossing/Smoothing Technologies:

  • Horizontal or vertical embossing calenders
  • Multi-roll revolver embossing calenders
  • Hot and cold embossing machines
  • Patrix-Matrix-Systems
  • In-Register embossing (synchronous pore)
  • Inline and offline concepts

Calendar Technologies:

  • 2- and 3-roll film melt roller calender
  • 4- and 5-roll film melt roller calender
  • Calender with film lamination
  • Calender with and without stretching device
  • Smoothing calender
  • Calibration calender

Winding Technologies:

  • Manual winder with web accumulator
  • Automatic turret winders
  • Centre slitting and slitting into several sheets
  • Winding with and without adhesive preparation at the core
  • Winding on cores and without cores

Finishing Technologies:

  • Single rewinder/unwinder
  • Double rewinder/unwinder
  • Rewinding machines
  • Short reel winder

Drive and Control Technologies:

  • Conception and realization of the drive technology
  • Switchgear planning and manufacturing
  • Software engineering for CPU
  • Visualization / Scada systems
  • Support and assistance with IQ and OQ
  • Service over the entire life cycle
  • Retrofittings and Upgrades

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