OLBRICH Film Industry Adhesive TapeAs one of the leading suppliers of production equipment and machinery for the finishing of self-adhesive films and papers, we know exactly what is important: our specialists develop flexible systems for you with which you can realize high-quality products.

Machine and plant technology from OLBRICH sets standards worldwide: Not only in terms of efficiency, productivity and precision, but also in terms of the variety of possible applications. Your advantage: Our specialists design each machine and system exactly to your individual requirements, so that you achieve maximum reliability and minimum waste in the production of self-adhesive films and papers.

At the same time, we also realize remarkable¬†innovations for our customers in the film industry – for example, the world’s widest protective film line with a width of 3.5 meters. OLBRICH is also a pioneer in cassette systems for short set-up times and fast product changes per module.

When it comes to coating self-adhesive films and papers, many world market leaders rely on OLBRICH – because we make brands possible. Our own technical centre plays an important role in the development of these machines, in which we can illustrate and demonstrate more than 70 different coating processes. This results in systems with maximum reliability, precision and longevity that are optimally designed for industrial 24/7 continuous operation.

Our specialists develop plants and machines for you for all conceivable coating variants – of course always “custom made” and tailor-made for your products and production processes. With coating technologies “made by OLBRICH” you can rely on safe processes in the production of conventional and technical adhesive tapes, graphic and decorative products or protective films. With working widths from 300 to 3,500 millimeters, all industrial production speeds are possible.

By using OLBRICH cassette technology with different coating modules, you also benefit from versatile coating techniques with a single machine. In addition, we can also implement combined systems for you, for example for coating, printing, winding, drying and laminating.

Your advantage is our experience: In the last 70 years, our specialists have not only implemented hundreds of systems worldwide, but have also rebuilt or upgraded third-party systems with high-quality OLBRICH technology.

Coating Technologies:

  • Hot melt and UV systems
  • Pressurized Chamber Gravure Coating
  • Slot die coating
  • curtain coating
  • Strip and sample coating
  • Mayerbar (rolling bar)
  • Roll applicators, Kiss-Coater
  • Screen Printing / Coating
  • roll coater
  • reverse roll coater
  • 5-roller applicators
  • Comma bar (with deflection compensation “Mycrocoat”)

Printing and Laquering Technologies:

  • Logo printing
  • functional printing
  • rotogravure printing
  • flexographic printing
  • silkscreen

Drying Technologies:

  • Nozzle circulating air dryer with internal/external circulating air guide
  • Cleanroom/GMP dryer and/or according to FDA standard
  • roller dryers
  • Upper and lower air dryer, also with separate temperature control
  • OLBRICH CTS Bottom- and TP Top Air Nozzles
  • Float Dryer with Float Nozzle Technology from OLBRICH
  • IR field dryer, plate dryer
  • Circulating air cooling zones with external circulating air ducting
  • liftable systems

Laminating Technologies:

  • Dry lamination
  • wet lamination
  • Delamination functions
  • duplex laminating
  • Triplex laminating

Embossing/Smoothing Technologies:

  • Embossing of surface structures
  • Smoothing of product layers
  • Calibration of product layers

Calendaring Technologies:

  • Film calender
  • Calender coating of adhesive tapes
  • Hot-melt applications with high viscosities

Winding Technologies:

  • Turret winders for continuous plant operation
  • Wrapper for jumbo bales
  • splicing equipment
  • pneumatic or motorized impact knife
  • rotating knife chain, rotary knife, turn-up-free feeding (rewinder)
  • Residual length optimization (unwinder)
  • automatic loading and unloading
  • Contact and circumferential rewinder for surface/traction sensitive films and papers
  • winding also without gluing to the sleeve

Drive and Control Technologies:

  • Conception and realization of the drive technology
  • Switchgear design¬†and manufacturing
  • Software engineering for SPS
  • visualisation systems
  • Support and assistance with IQ and OQ
  • Service over the entire service life
  • Retrofittings and Upgrades

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