SEI Laser equipment allows manufacturers to meet the urgent need for personal protective equipment (PPE), including face masks, face shields and transparent barriers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. SEI Laser’s NRGL is a precision laser for cutting roll-fed textiles and other materials. Mercury delivers high-speed cutting of acrylic and plastics. Below are some of the products being fabricated with SEI Laser machines.

Game-changing technology, SEI Laser machines have significant advantages over conventional CNC routing, including higher efficiency, increased throughput, better quality and material flexibility.

SEI Laser Mercury allows for high-Speed Cutting of Acrylic and Plastics

SEI Laser Mercury
  • Cutting, kiss-cutting and marking
  • Advanced, innovative technology with ICARO proprietary software
  • Maximum working area of 126″ x 81″
  • Cartesean X-Y axes with linear motor

SEI Laser NRGL allows for Laser Cutting Sheet and Roll Textiles  

  • Laser system for plastics and textiles 
  • Cutting, engraving, perforation and marking
  • High productivity and performance
  • Maximum working area of 79″ to 126″
  • X, Y plotter system with motorized Z axis

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