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NRGL Laser Cutting

NRGL Conveyor High-Performance Laser Cutting, Engraving and Marking of Sheet and Roll Materials

SEI Laser’s NRGL is designed for laser cutting, engraving and marking sheets and rolls of paper, cardboard, genuine and fake leather, natural and artificial textiles, rubber, wood, plastics and more.

It has a working area of 79″ to 126″ with an X-Y plotter system on a fixed working table with a motorized Z axis. NRGL is a high-performance system with four brushless motors for X axis and one blushless motor for the Y axis with SEI Laser digital control. The motorized Z axis cutting head has a proportional valve for gas pressure management for cutting and marking.

It’s Icaro software (CAM) provides advanced functions, such as rubber stamping creation or raster gray-scale levels up to 16 bit and 3D cutting.


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