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Mercury wide-format laser cutting and marking machine is the top of the range professional laser system for COlaser cutting and marking

  • Processes: cutting, kiss-cutting and marking
  • Processable materials: PMMA, acetates, ABS, plastics in general, micanite, wood, hide, paper and cardboard, textiles, marking on glass and marble (excluding PVC and polycarbonate), thin ferrous and not ferrous metals
  • Sectors: small items and furnishing accessories (customization), decoration and marquetry, stamps, display cases, footwear, leather, processing of materials in sheets and rolls
  • Advanced, innovative technology
  • Great flexibility of use and application/processing
  • High performance
  • Cartesian X-Y axes with linear motors
  • Position control thanks to linear optical encoders
  • CCD camera and kit for register cutting with print marker recognition
  • 3D kit for cutting and kiss-cutting of materials with surface 3D rotation
  • 360° rotary axis unit for engraving and/or cutting on cylindrical items
  • Work area: 49 x 61 inches (1250×1550 mm) – 61 x 81 inches (1500×2050 mm) – 61 x 121 inches (1500×3080 mm) – 81 x 121 inches (2060×3080 mm) – 98 x 121 inches (2500×3080 mm) – 126 x 81 inches (3200×1500 mm)
  • ICARO proprietary software
  • Industry 4.0 ready: full digital workflow integration

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