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Case Studies

Matik Inc. is a leading North American provider of high-quality European equipment. See how many of our customers have maximized production lines to realize new opportunities and increase profits.

Repacorp, Inc. invests in SEI Laser Labelmaster

Repacorp, Inc.

Repacorp Quality Labels and Packaging invested in a Labelmaster from SEI Laser to improve their efficiency and reliability. The Labelmaster is a high-speed, roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet laser system that can process a variety of materials. Read the article to learn more about how the Labelmaster is helping Repacorp to improve their business.

Orbytel Printing & Packaging Logo


Orbytel Printing & Packaging invested in a SEI Laser Paperone 5000 to improve efficiency and productivity. The Paperone 5000 is a high-speed laser system that can cut, crease, score, and microperforate a variety of materials. It has helped Orbytel to reduce changeover times, increase production speeds, and improve quality. To learn more about how the Paperone 5000 is helping Orbytel, read the case study.



Labelin, a label printing company based in Irvine, California, has achieved order-to-ship automation of custom labels with the help of an SEI Laser Labelmaster. The Labelmaster has helped Labelin to reduce lead times, increase profit potential, and accommodate new niches. To learn more about how the Labelmaster can benefit your business, read the article.

Stencil Ease Cookie Stencils

Stencil Ease of Old Saybrook, Conn., has purchased a Paperone 3500, an advanced sheetfed laser cutting system manufactured by SEI Laser. The Paperone 3500 will help Stencil Ease regain a competitive edge by providing ultrafast, precision, true digital finishing for small to large projects on demand. Sold and serviced by North American distributor Matik, Inc., the SEI Laser will help Stencil Ease open new, profitable markets for orders that were being manufactured in China.

Roll Labels

Enterprise Print Group

Enterprise Print Group invested in a SEI Laser Labelmaster to improve its efficiency and profitability. The Labelmaster has helped the company to reduce waste, improve productivity, and increase value for its customers. To learn more about how the Labelmaster is helping Enterprise Print Group, read the case study.

Southern Champion Tray (SCT

Southern Champion Tray

Southern Champion Tray (SCT) manufactures high-quality paperboard packaging for retail food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical, bakery, food service and other products. Speed-to-market has become extremely important for SCT’s customers. As early adopters of digital printing, the company has incorporated a rapid-response model in their Mansfield, Tex., location, including an investment in an SEI Laser Paperone 7000 laser system for B1 sheet material. 


See demos and learn how customers are taking advantage of advanced equipment.

Repacorp SEI Laser Testimonial

Labelmaster Testimonial

Westkey Case Study Video


Learn about unique solutions for a wide range of industries an applications.


Easy Open Application in Flexible Packaging: Snack N' Seal

What is great about this new packaging is the resealable top designed to help keep the cookies
fresh. The design is called “snack n’ seal” and that’s amazing. Learn about techniques and laser systems that can help you gain a competitive edge, increase productivity and reduce production costs. Gain insight into how you can achieve unique easy-open snack n’ seal packaging solutions.

True Digital Label Finishing

True digital label finishing uses high-speed lasers to cut and finish labels. This can significantly improve efficiency and profitability for label printers, as it eliminates the need for dies and other tooling. Learn more about how true digital label finishing can benefit your business.

wide format acrylic

Expanding the Wide-Format Opportunity

Cutting technologies have become essential to wide-format production, and systems that don’t become production bottlenecks possess the strongest ingredient for success. Laser-enabled cutting systems can cut faster, in more shapes, and add embellishments to production that a knife-based cutters just can’t do.

Packmaster CW Application

A Window to Better Packaging

There has been a rapid increase in demand for customer-friendly packaging and enhanced product protection. Beyond visibility, consumer lifestyle trends, convenience and portability of products, make flexible packaging an attractive choice for brand owners. Learn how laser technology is leading this trend.

Easy Open Shrink Film

Easy Open Application in Flexible Packaging: Shrinkable Film Used in PET Bottles

SEI Laser Packmaster Web Direction provides a unique solution for tear-off full body PET sleeves. Laser technology is well-known for its speed and flexibility on the scoring or dashed line. That’s not all: laser technology, which can be used to cut, score, drill and perforate a variety of substrates, is an ingenious solution for a huge range of applications.

snack bags

Easy Open Application in Flexible Packaging: Bags & Sacks

Laser scoring of flexible films is a non-contact, clean processing solution that eliminates the need for mechanical tooling or consumables. A fully digital workflow markedly reduces production downtime, as pattern or design modifications can be made instantaneously.

Why KELVA Web Cleaning

Why KELVA Web Cleaning?

KELVA web cleaning systems are designed to remove contamination from moving webs, such as particles, fibers, and foreign objects. This can improve the quality of the web, increase production efficiency, and reduce the risk of accidents. Learn how Kelva can help your business.