KELVA web cleaning systems reduce contamination of a moving web caused by the environment, the process itself or needed operations. Debris, such as particles, fibers and even foreign objects, can influence quality, customer satisfaction and health and safety. KELVA web cleaning systems come in two types:



Contact Web Cleaners

Non-Contact Web Cleaners


Contact Web Cleaning

KELVA contact cleaners are available for both single- and double-sided continuous contact web cleaning. Specially developed polymer rollers lift and transfer contaminations from the web surface to easily replaceable adhesive sheets.
The polymer roller is designed to give a very good contact to the web – even at low pressure. The active static discharger, located after the rollers, ensures that the web does not re-attract dust after passing through the cleaner.

Non-Contact Web Cleaning

A standard KELVA Cleanflow system comprises of a web cleaner, anti-static equipment, filter/ fan unit and connecting duct system. A wide range of models is available to cover all types of continuous running webs and sheets, in widths from 300 mm to over 10 meters.