NRGL Laser Cutting, Engraving and Marking

NRGL High-Performance Laser Cutting, Engraving and Marking of Sheet and Roll Materials SEI Laser’s NRGL is designed for laser cutting, engraving and marking sheets and rolls of paper, cardboard, genuine and fake leather, natural and artificial textiles, rubber, wood, plastics and more. It has a working area of 79″ to 126″ with an X-Y plotter system Read more…

VIFOP Software

VIFOP Software automatically detects the foiling area’s from the pdf file, and calculates the optimum job layout.

Cold Foil System, Optima

Optimal foil saving feature: MFU. Perfect foil web tension and positioning at any speed achieved by Vinfoil’s DFD technique. Changeover time under 6 minutes.

Micro Cold Foiling Module

VINFOIL MICRO Cold Foil Stamping Technology, Foil Saving

Infigo Cold Foiling System

Economic way of saving foil by leading the webs through the pressure nip up to 3 times.

SEI Laser PackMaster CW

SEI Laser PackMaster CW is a line of laser systems designed for laser cutting, laser scoring, macro- and micro-perforation of single- or multi-layer flexible films. Compatible materials include PE, PET, PP, nylon, PTFE. The main laser advantages and features include the precise selective material removal, the laser perforating capability (hole size from 100 micron) and repeatability of the process. Provides speeds Read more…

CODIMAG ViVA 420 Offset Label Press

The ViVA 420 is among the most productive intermittent presses on the market.

CODIMAG ViVA 340 Offset Label Press

The ViVA 340 is a modular press which can be specified to each customer’s needs.

SEI Laser PaperOne 3500

SEI Laser PaperOne 3500 for Laser Converting and Decorating PaperOne 3500 is the most flexible, cutting-edge system for laser converting and decorating. It provides real-time creating and die cutting as well as micro-perforating, decorating, piercing, engraving, bleaching and marking or paper sheets, cardboard and adhesive-coated paper. It is compatible with paper, PP, BOPP and PET Read more…

SEI Laser PackMaster WD

SEI Laser PackMaster WD is a line of laser systems designed for laser cutting, laser scoring, macro…