Modular Printing and Finishing Solutions, Lombardi

Modular alternative printing solutions including flat screen unit inline, in-line flat bed foil embossing, hologram in-setting and other systems.

FLEXOLINE Narrow Web Press, Lombardi

Flexoline offers advanced technological solutions aimed at ensuring excellent printing register also with high speeds and granting ease of use.

Invicta i2 Large Flexo Web Press, Lombardi

Invicta i2 is equipped with full electronic pre-register system, register system and print pressures system, ensuring the finest quality and the shortest set up downtime.

Invicta Flexo Web Press, Lombardi

The inclination towards continuous and more advanced technological horizons leads to the birth of Invicta, the most modern, innovative and charming concept of flexographic printing on the market.

SYNCHROLINE Flexo Press, Lombardi

For the printing industry that looks for maximum versatility and the possibility of working on a wide gamma of materials.


NRGL High-Performance Laser Cutting, Engraving and Marking of Sheet and Roll Materials for Textiles, Paper, Plastic Films and More

VIFOP Software

VIFOP Software automatically detects the foiling area’s from the pdf file, and calculates the optimum job layout.

Cold Foil System, Optima

Optimal foil saving feature: MFU. Perfect foil web tension and positioning at any speed achieved by Vinfoil’s DFD technique. Changeover time under 6 minutes.

Micro Cold Foiling Module

VINFOIL MICRO Cold Foil Stamping Technology, Foil Saving

Infigo Cold Foiling System

Economic way of saving foil by leading the webs through the pressure nip up to 3 times.