Eureka Flatbed Plotter

Eureka Flatbed Plotter The Eureka Flatbed Plotter is a CO2 laser system engineered for uncompromising precision and breathtaking speed in small format cutting. This compact, professional system from SEI Laser enables small-format cutting like never before, opening a world of possibilities across diverse materials. Unleash the Potential: From acrylic and ABS to leather, textiles and Read more…

Easy Laser for Cutting, Kiss-Cutting and Marking

Easy Laser for Cutting, Kiss-Cutting and Marking The Easy Laser by SEI Laser is a revolutionary tool for businesses seeking to push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship. Forget limitations – the Easy empowers you to mark, kiss-cut and cut a vast array of materials with exquisite precision and unrivaled ease. Unleash Your Creativity: A Read more…

COMBAT Label Laser System

SEI Laser’s COMBAT label laser system allows you to go from file to ready to ship in hours, not days or weeks.


KyoJet is a new digital high-resolution inkjet UV in-line solution for Labelmaster made by SEI Laser. Labelmaster and KyoJet create the only single-pass machine that creates labels from PDF to shipment. SEI Laser, the Laser Converting Specialist, presents Labelmaster: the flagship narrow web 13.78″ (350 mm) and medium web 23.62″ (600 mm) Laser Die-cutting and Read more…

X-Wave Conveyor

The X-Wave Conveyor is the fastest professional laser system for cutting rolls of organic and technical fabric: high-speed, high-precision and high-quality performance. Processes: unmatchable laser cutting speed and finishing of textiles on rolls Processable materials: natural and synthetic textiles, TPU, technical textiles Sectors: Technical textiles (automotive, airbag, filters, air conditioners) Fashion (finished garment, sports and Read more…

Paperone, Origami Creasing/Embossing System

Origami: Innovative Digital 3D Printing Station for Creasing and Embossing  Innovative, proprietary Origami creasing/embossing system uses a male/female concept. A stand-alone 3D digital printing station that allows for quick and simple creation of creasing and embossing plates without outsourcing. The quality is equal to that of traditional professional creasing. It is a unique and patented Read more…

FLEXI GUNS Laser Decorating

FLEXI GUNS is the laser system specifically designed for the aesthetic or functional marking and engraving of guns and three-dimensional objects

FLEXI 1300 CONVEYOR Textile Laser Cutting Equipment

SEI Laser FLEXI 1300 CONVEYOR, Textile Laser Cutting Equipment Maximum productivity in roll materials processing and finishing Processes: cutting, marking and engraving Processable materials: natural and synthetic textile, TPU and technical textile Sectors: automotive, airbag, filters, rubber gaskets, ducts (air handling), sportswear and footwear Max roll width: 51″ (1300 mm) High productivity and speed in Read more…

MATRIX TEXTILE Laser Machine for Textile Roll Processing

The Matrix Textile is the “high-end” laser machine for textile roll processing with laser technology.

H-TYPE Flatbed Plotter Laser System

The SEI Laser H-Type is the flatbed plotter CO2 laser system for medium format cutting: accuracy and high performances in the same laser system.