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Wide-Format High-Performance Laser Systems

SEI Laser Mercury

  • SEI Laser Mercury

High-performance, innovative professional laser system for cutting, kiss-cutting and marking.


Processable materials:
• Paperboard
• Micanite
• Wood
• Textiles
• Marking on glass and marble (excluding PVC and polycarbonate)
• Thin ferrous and not ferrous metals
• And more



SEI Laser Flexi Blu

  • SEI Laser Flexi Blue Application PMMA Barrier

The high-end laser machine for high-speed production of LED Light Guide Plate (LGP) panels for back-light applications. Proprietary laser technology to process micro-dots that create an optical light guide with productivity up to 10 times greater than that of conventional machines.

Processable materials:
• Plastics
• Paperboard
• Leather
• Faux leather
• Hide
• Natural and technical textiles
• Denim
• And more

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