Successful joint collaboration of ACHENBACH BUSCHÜTTEN and GOEBEL IMS yields exceptional aluminum foil slitter NovaSlit® S

matik novaslit

ACHENBACH BUSCHÜTTEN and GOEBEL IMS introduce NovaSlit S, the next-generation aluminum foil slitter. Founded in 1452, ACHENBACH BUSCHHÜTTEN is a global operating system supplier of integrative tailor-made non-ferrous rolling mill machinery as well as foil slitting machinery for the non-ferrous metal and finishing industry. GOEBEL IMS is one of the leading suppliers of slitter rewinders and embossing machines for international aluminum converters and rolling mills. GOEBEL IMS products are distributed in North America by Matik, Inc.


In a joint effort, experts and engineers from both companies developed this unique aluminum foil slitter. The specialty of the NovaSlit S is winding and slitting both hard-rolled and soft-annealed aluminum foils. NovaSlit S precisely cuts foil thicknesses from 6 to 50 μm into slitting widths starting from 1 inch (25 mm). The finished roll diameter ranges up to 31.50 inches (800 mm) in slitting operation and maximum 39.37 inches (1,000 mm) for re-reeling operation on the bottom rewinder.


“NovaSlit S gives customers access to state-of-the-art technology,” says Daniele Vagliette, CEO of GOEBEL IMS. “This innovative machine is a result of the technical cooperation and synergies in the production and process between the two leading, worldwide manufactures of machines for rolling mills and aluminum foil converters.”


Matik NovaSlit SThe compact machine concept offers short material distances for perfect foil guiding between individual rollers even with thin, soft annealed foil. A moveable, large-sized inlet roller offers a high wrap angle and ensures constancy of free material distances and wrinkle-free material feeding even with the ultra-thin and extremely delicate aluminum foil. Different slitting systems such as slitting with razorblade tip or flat blade guarantee maximum precision. Horizontally adjustable contact rollers provide constant winding proportions and a consistent contact pressure with increasing roll diameters, resulting in perfect winding density of the finished rolls. The NovaSlit S features a welding unit with horizontal moving welding rollers that maintain 100 percent of the original belt tension and comfortable handling during welding. To increase productivity, the NovaSlit S can be equipped with different handling systems, and can be adapted to the exiting internal logistics system. Due to its operator-friendly design, easy and safe machine access, convenient monitoring of the production process and simultaneous precise adjustments are possible. In addition to guaranteeing the highest quality slitting and winding of hard rolled and soft annealed aluminum foils, the NovaSlit S offers unique technical advantages and multiple benefits to the operator.


The aluminum foil can be finished in small lots after the annealing process. This allows short delivery times and high flexibility. In addition, any remaining stock and coiled material remnants on rolls can be processed. The NovaSlit S can be used for foil inspection to detect flatness or other defects. If necessary, the defective parts can be smoothly cut out with the installed cutting equipment. In accordance to the separator engineering concept, the ultrasonic welding device is an integrated part of the NovaSlit S, allowing the welding of hard rolled foil and soft annealed foil.


“Using the innovative NovaSlit S, our customers are able to shorten their delivery times drastically,” says André Barten, Managing Director of Achenbach. “The finishing of soft aluminum foils after the final annealing process and the possibility of final quality inspection with state-of-the-art sensor systems makes the NovaSlit S an essential competitive advantage for our customers.”


To discover the exceptional aluminum slitter NovaSlit S, visit ACHENBACH BUSCHÜTTEN (13M15) and GOEBEL IMS (13P55) at the ALUMINIUM Dusseldorf November 29, 2016 – December 1, 2016 at Messe Dusseldorf, Germany or on our website