At Labelexpo Americas, MELZER will show its line of RFID converting machines that provide 100% inline inspection

WEST HARTFORD, CT – MELZER is a leader in the high-tech field of RFID Smart Label manufacturing, having served customers for more than 55 years with tailor-made solutions for tickets, tags, and labels. Customers in the market for smart tags and labels demand reliability, and that’s what MELZER does best.


Melzer RFID_IMG0006_ST

At Labelexpo Americas (Booth #2009), MELZER (, along with its North American distributor, Matik, will offer its line of RFID converting machines. Three models in its Smart Label Production family range in output from 10,000 pieces/hour to 60,000 pieces/hour. These machines are specifically designed for industrial production of small-sized RFID labels such as those required for brand protection of alcohol products, pharmaceutical fraud protection, vehicle identification, and other high-quality mass applications.


What makes these machines unique is MELZER’s exclusive chip selection process that checks and ejects defective chips. Identifying and excluding inevitable defective inlays and only applying tested materials is the one and only solution to guarantee 100% good products at the highest possible speeds. Key factors in the proper inspection of RFID inlays are stable and constant process parameters, independent of the machine speed or product length. The defined position of the inlay during inspection, combined with adequate shielding of RF radiation, guarantees reproducible inspection results.


While other suppliers in the market for RFID smart label machines emphasize speed, MELZER machines deliver speed and RELIABILITY; from rolls of chips and antennae to finished multilayer inlays (100% inspected) in a single inline process! Along with its Smart Tag and Label machines, MELZER also produces machines for secure IDs, passports, and dual interface cards.


MELZER’s North American distributor is Connecticut-based Matik, Inc. Matik, in business for more than 40 years, provides the widest range of printing, converting, and packaging equipment in the industry. Matik backs its sales efforts with prompt and professional 24/7 parts and service support for its customers. Visit or call 860-232-2323.