The PaperOne will be featured at Graph Expo


SEI Laser of Curno, Italy, and Matik, Inc., SEI’s North American Sei Paper One Picturedistributor of converting machines, are proud to announce the featuring of the PaperOne laser system at Graph Expo on September 13th at booth 4520. The PaperOne is the fastest and most flexible machine on the market for complex die cutting of packaging, greeting cards, literature, posters, envelopes and more. For in-line operation, PaperOne can be integrated with any digital press, including the HP Indigo 10000 and 30000 digital presses.


SEI’s PaperOne Laser System consistently die-cuts, micro-perforates, pierces, engraves and marks paper, cardboard and adhesive-coated stocks as well as PP, BOPP and PET. PaperOne is the only system that can deliver perfect registration for single-sample or batch production.


“An advanced system that is easy to operate, PaperOne’s flexibility and speed are unmatched by traditional or competitive die-cutting machines,” states Steve Leibin, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Matik, Inc.


Its fast, accurate feeder can handle many different sizes up to 19.65 by 27.55 inches and thicknesses from 0.007 to 0.027 inches. It also allows for paper processing of sheets with format up to 19.69×27.56 inches with an automatic loading and unloading system from pallet.


Sei Laser


Sei Laser designs and manufactures integrated solutions based on laser technology: industrial laser systems, OEM laser systems, converting solutions, backlight solutions, for the cutting and the marking of each type of material. They are sensitive to market needs; the excellent expertise of SEI Laser R&D Department, the excellent engineering skills and industrialization, and the wide range of product satisfy the needs of the customers.