OLBRICH Technical Textiles

Our demanding customers from the textile coating industry know: High-quality end products can only be produced on high-quality machines and systems. This is why, in cooperation with your experts, we deliver simple and highly complex plant concepts exclusively with OLBRICH machines. Including perfectly coordinated drive and switchgear technology.

Your advantage at OLBRICH: You can realize different product variants from the field of technical textiles on a single system. Our engineers, chemists and process engineers develop reliable state-of-the-art technology for you – with more than 70 years of experience in the tarpaulin, conveyor belt and artificial leather industries. All our knowledge from other industries is incorporated into each of your projects.

With OLBRICH coating systems you are opting for maximum precision. In this way you can achieve high-quality coatings on a wide variety of materials in the field of technical textiles, such as banner fabrics, tarpaulins, tents, membranes and artificial leather goods. Coatings for other applications are also possible, such as industrial and conveyor belts or open mesh, boat, pool and sun protection products.

The flexible working widths of your OLBRICH systems open up many production possibilities for you: You can coat tarpaulin, membrane and banner fabrics in areas from 70.86 inches (1,800 millimeters) to 212.60 inches (5,400 millimeters), the widths for transport systems (PVC/TPU) are between 70.86 inches (1,800 millimeters) and 165.35 inches (4,200 millimetres). For artificial leather products (PVC/PU), widths from 55.12 inches (1,400 millimeters) to 94.49 inches (2,400 millimetres) have established themselves in the market.

Our specialists are also happy to implement combined systems for you, for example for coating, varnishing and laminating tarpaulin fabrics. Or plants for the production of artificial leather – from coating to finishing (embossing/lacquering).


Exemplary PU/TPU/PVC Coating Technologies:

  • Air knife
  • Knife over roll coater (KOR)
  • Roll coaters (RC)
  • Reverse roll coater (RRC)
  • Dip Coating/Foulard
  • Gravure Coating/Varnishing
  • Transfer coating
  • Pressurized doctor chamber
  • Other combined machines

Printing and Coating Technologies:

  • Offline systems for high speeds
  • Inline systems for finished products in one pass
  • Strip printing systems
  • Lacquering technology for water/solvent-based systems
  • Forward or Reverse coating
  • Special lacquer pump and heating systems

Drying Technologies:

  • Air dryer
  • Upper and lower air dryers
  • Dryer for solvent products
  • Hot air ovens for foams
  • Vertical and horizontal dryer systems
  • Re-Circulating air dryer
  • Gelling ovens
  • Annealing ovens
  • Foam ovens
  • Radiation dryers
  • Stenter frame dryer
  • Infrared heating systems

Laminating Technologies:

  • Wet lamination behind coating machines
  • Hot lamination with heating drum and/or infrared technology
  • Adhesive lamination
  • Laminating or delaminating of papers or films

Embossing/Smoothing Technologies:

  • Embossing machines
  • Embossing in repeat/register
  • Turret embossing for quick design changes
  • Smoothing calender

Calendar Coating Technologies:

  • Two-roll melting calender
  • Three-roll melting calender
  • Calandrette with slot-die coating

Winding Technologies:

  • Single-station winder
  • Double winder
  • Turret winder
  • Finished roll winder
  • Jumbo roll winder
  • Small roll winder

Packaging Technologies:

  • Single rewinder/unwinder
  • Double rewinder/unwinder
  • Turret winder
  • Reeling systems
  • Packaging facilities

Drive and Control Technologies:

  • Conception and Realization of Drive Technology
  • Switchgear design and manufacturing
  • Software engineering for CPU
  • Visualization systems
  • Support and assistance with IQ and OQ
  • Service over the entire life cycle
  • Retrofittings and Upgrades

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