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With over 40 years of experience, OLBRICH is a global medical and pharmaceutical film coating and laminating equipment leader. OLBRICH knows your high demands in this area very well. That is why they have specialized in the design and manufacturing of machines for clean room applications – with safe, validated processes. The focus is on the simple hygienic cleaning of your systems, right up to the latest “Cleaning In Place” (CIP) solutions.

OLBRICH’s guarantee: OLBRICH selects all materials for your machines according to the strict specifications of the “Good Manufacturing Practice” guidelines (GMP) and consider approvals of the American “Food and Drug Administration” (FDA) as well as European organizations.

With coating systems from OLBRICH, you can rely on the highest precision: Our components are accurate to within a thousandth of a millimeter and enable maximum reproducibility. Various coating processes for different medical films are possible.

The working widths of our coating systems are between 125 and 2,000 millimeters, the production speeds between 0.1 and 100 meters per minute. Our machines are particularly easy to clean, so you benefit from a favorable ratio between production and cleaning times.

With OLBRICH you can rely on scalable, safe and validated processes for coating your medical films – from transdermal systems to oral films. However, coatings containing active ingredients are also possible for other applications, for example in the fields of wound treatment and diagnostics.

Coating Technologies:

  • Roll-Coater, RC
  • Reverse roll coater, RRC
  • Knife over roller, KOR
  • Slot die coating
  • Combined coating technologies

Printing and Varnishing Technologies:

  • Logo prints
  • Protective lacquers
  • Application of small product quantities in samples

Drying Technologies:

  • Top air dryer
  • Upper and lower air dryers
  • Recirculation and exhaust air
  • suitable for solvent operation
  • different cleanroom classes
  • Also with HEPA filter

Laminating Technologies:

  • Dry lamination after dryer
  • Wet lamination before drying
  • Delamination functions for process film removal

Embossing/Smoothing Technologies:

  • Embossing of surface structures
  • Smoothing of product layers
  • Calibration of product layers

Calendaring Technologies:

  • Smoothing calendar
  • Calibration calendar

Winding Technologies:

  • Single-stage winder
  • Double winder
  • Splicing aids and product accumulators
  • Turret winder (manual/automatic reel change)
  • Pressure rollers to improve the winding quality (lay on roller)
  • Side control for unwinders and rewinders
  • Longitudinal and edge cutting
  • Winders in cantilever design

Packaging Technologies:

  • Longitudinal cutter for several product benefits
  • small product rolls in automatic turret winders

Drive and Control Technologies:

  • Conception and realization of the drive technology
  • Switchgear planning and manufacturing
  • Software engineering for CPU
  • Visualization / Scada systems
  • Support and assistance with IQ and OQ
  • Service over the entire life cycle
  • Retrofits and Upgrades

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