Kelva logoKELVA Contact Web Cleaner WWC

The KELVA WWC unit is for highly efficient double sided contact cleaning for webs 27.55″ to 51.18″ (700 to 1300 mm) wide. Suitable for web speeds up to 15.75″/min (400 m/min) as standard. It comes in two different versions depending on polymer roller size needed.

KELVA Contact Web Cleaner WWC – Highlights

  • Reduces contamination up to 98%
  • Polymer roller stays in good contact with the web – even at low pressure
  • Low-silicone polymer roller
  • Double sided cleaning


Application: Available in 5 different standard sizes, from max web width 27.55″ to 51.18″ wide (700 to 1300 mm)
Max. web speed: 15.75″/min (400 m/min)
Power: 24 VDC, 115/230V, 50/60 Hz for anti-static device
Pneumatic requirement: 5 bar
Operation: Integrated push buttons, integrated pneumatic hand valve or 24VDC

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