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The OLBRICH technical center is the origin of many coating and laminating equipment innovations that are used worldwide. In this 7,535 square foot (700 square meter) technical center, OLBRICH’s mechanical engineering team develops advanced technologies for the manufacture of roll-to-roll products. As a result, customers benefit from maximum production reliability.

More than 100 customer trials take place annually in OLBRICH’s technical center to test process optimizations and new plant concepts. And, OLBRICH engineers, chemists and process engineers develop innovative ideas and concepts on an interdisciplinary basis until they are ready for production.


OLBRICH Technical Center Includes:

  • Multifunctional coating and printing line: working width maximum of 19.5″ (500 mm)
  • Close to production laminating and embossing line: working width maximum 1,39.37″ (1,000 mm)
  • Flexible coating line: working width maximum 41.34″ (1,050 mm), conditions close to production

Complementary Components:

  • Dual-layer slot die: coating width: 19.5″ to 41.34″ (500 to 1,050 mm)
  • Thickness measuring system SpecMetrix from Sensory Analytics
  • Computer-based simulations and process analyses


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