GOEBEL IMS Receives Order for TRP from Paper Mill NAPP


As a proud distributor of GOEBEL IMS machinery, Matik, Inc. would like to announce their exciting new business development, on their behalf. GOEBEL IMS has recently closed a deal with one of the world’s leading paper mills belonging to the Sino-Indonesian APP Group, Ningbo Asia Pulp and Paper Co. Ltd. They will happily be providing a 3,300 mm wide two-drum winder model TRP for slitting ivory paper and paperboard from 170 to 400 g/m².


The new two-drum winder, recently introduced by GOEBEL IMS as a new development for their range of two-drum winders, is designed for a maximum speed of 1,800 m/min and will be equipped with a high quality set of automatic features not only to ensure high winding quality, but also to increase productivity. The full pattern of automatic functions includes knife positioning, core loading, core gluing, transversal cutting of the web at the end of each set of finished rolls and even automatic closure of the finished rolls with glue before unloading. The automatic unloading of the finished rolls and an automatic re-start, complete the automation set.


The two-drum winder TRP is available with a width of up to 5,000 mm and a speed of up to 2,500 m/min. The machine is available with an unwind diameter of 3,300 mm and a rewind diameter of up to 2,200 mm. GOEBEL IMS offers two versions of a special slitting unit to cover normal slitting widths and narrow slits. The machine is available as a primary slitter with an unwinder for spools or as a secondary machine with an unwinder for shaftless rolls. Upstream automation with a place for the mother rolls and an automatic removing and storing system for the empty spools is optional.


The TRP will be delivered to Ningbo Asia Pulp and Paper Co. Ltd soon this year.




GOEBEL IMS is the world’s leading provider of slitter rewinders for converting paper and board, tobacco, films, alufoil, aseptic packaging and other special materials. No other manufacturer covers such a wide range of slitters. The range of products includes slitter rewinders and winding machines for the production and converting process, as well as inspection and spindle machines for processing. Their machines are developed and manufactured at production sites in Germany and Italy. In addition to manufacturing machines, GOEBEL IMS is also your contact partner when it comes to modernizing and optimizing machines, and delivers spare parts and accessories.