SEI Laser Designs BLU line to Produce Backlight Panels


Matik, Inc., proud distributor for SEI Laser products is happy to announce the latest high-tech innovation from SEI Laser’s R&D department. The SEI Laser BLU line is the best solution for manufacturers of backlighting, interior designers and visual communication companies. There are three separate offerings in the SEI Laser BLU line, the Flatbed plotter Series, the Galvo Series Flexi BLU, and the Matrix BLU. Each are highly specialized for their own varying tasks.


The Flatbed Plotter series can cut and engrave PMMA plates with laserSEI Laser Pic 3 quality, for LED LGP application from 3 to 6 m²/h. The highly advanced CO2 laser cutters and marking systems are equipped with high performance linear motors, making it capable of higher speeds. The CO2 laser cutting and marking systems from SEI Laser are designed for professional use on a large array of materials, with a working area up to 2000x3000mm (79” x 118”). The wide range of options include CCD camera and twin table with external table changer for minimizing loading/unloading time.


Flexi 600 BLU and 800 BLU are the product of SEI Laser’s advanced SEI Laser Pic 2technical expertise in processing LGP panels for Backlight applications technology. The Galvo Series Flexi BLU is capable of laser engraving PMMA pre-cut plates for visual displays up to 30 m²/h, lightning application up to 20 m²/h, and TV monitor application up to 15 m2/h. Flexi 600 BLU exploits proprietary SEI Laser technology to produce micro-dots by light guide (for LED LGP). Regardless of thickness, the micro-dots can fit on single plates up to 600x1200mm (24” x 47”). The Flexi 800 BLU has a larger processing area than the Flexi 600 BLU up to 800x1600mm, (31.5” x 63”). The sliding table configuration minimizes loading/unloading time improving throughput and productivity.


The Matrix BLU is the product of SEI Laser’s extensive experience in SEI Laser Pic 1laser processing LGP panels for Backlight applications, utilizing SEI’s proven laser technology. Matrix BLU can laser engrave PMMA pre-cut plates for LED LGP application up to 50 m²/h according to needed application. Matrix BLU exploits SEI Laser proprietary technology to produce micro-dots (for LED LGP panels) on plates up to 2000x3000mm (79” x 118”) regardless of thickness. The output is 10 times larger on standard plates and common PMMA than that obtained by exploiting traditional technologies or other laser solutions. Matrix BLU can laser engrave PMMA pre-cut plates for LED LGP application up to 50 m²/h according to the needed application.


For those who work in the field of acrylic fabrication, the SEI Laser BLU line will open a world of possibilities with its embedded ICARO BLU software. It enables positioning and selection of components in a more flexible way so as to obtain the most optimal levels. In addition to visual and lighting solutions, SEI Laser BLU line meets the requirements of the most demanding industries such as TV monitoring and technical lighting (automotive, safety, avionics, and general cockpits). Unlike traditional technology and laser systems currently available, the SEI Laser BLU line marks the beginning of a new era in the LED LGP plate production.


SEI Laser

SEI Laser designs and manufactures integrated solutions of laser technology: industrial laser systems, OEM laser systems, converting solutions, backlight solutions, for the cutting and the marking of each type of material. By adhering to the needs of the market, their SEI Laser R&D Department expertise, and engineering skills make their wide range of products a perfect fit for all of their valued customer.