Melzer 60 logoSchwelm, Germany—Since 1956, MELZER® maschinenbau GmbH has been engineering and manufacturing innovative parts, machines and systems. Founded by Reinhold Melzer and his sons Roland and Rainer Melzer, the company began manufacturing parts and components for the mining and railroad industries. Later, MELZER tailor-made machines and systems for form, fill and seal, needle pricing tags, magnetic strip cards and more. Today, the company manufactures sophisticated machines for producing smart products, such as RFID tickets, tags, credit cards and passports.


Melzer 60th“We are proud to be celebrating 60 years of business,” says Frank Melzer, senior vice president of MELZER. “The company has surpassed what my father envisioned in the 1950s. Melzer now provides sophisticated equipment worldwide. This long-term success is a result of our commitment to reliability, continuous improvement and proficiency in anticipating the latest developments to meet customers’ needs today and in the future.”

MELZER began distributing machines globally in 1975, and expanded into North America in 1995. Distributed in North America by Matik, Inc., MELZER modular machines produce precision multilayer products for the pharmaceutical, automotive, telecommunication, micro-electronic, public transport, printing and other industries.


“The demand for MELZER machines continues to expand in North America,” explains Wolfgang Ripper, president of Matik, Inc. “We are honored to be a partner in the continued success of MELZER.”