Flexible packages are made from elastic—flexible materials which are easily formed after filling them with a product. The main material used in the production of flexible bags and sacks is plastics. The flexible packages are made from films and flexible laminates. They are used in retail and institutional food and non-food as well as in industrial applications, retail, consumer storage, bags, wraps, shrink and stretch films.


The most common group of flexible packaging is bags and sacks. In 2014, they constituted 34% of the worldwide market of flexible packages. When producing bags, sacks, and pouches, two or more edges of the film or laminate are welded together in order to contain the product. The bags may also be welded from film or from a tubing. The laminates, in turn, are used to produce stand-up pouch, retort pouch, pillow pouch, pouches with spouts, and so on.

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