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Expand your sales opportunities with SEI Laser’s Mercury and FLEXI BLU high-speed, wide-format cutting and marking systems. SEI Laser replaces traditional methods of converting to increase efficiency and profit potential. 

  • Unmatched speed to market 
  • Material flexibility 
  • Broad range of applications 
  • Increase efficiency and throughput 
  • Reduced setup times, waste and costs


Mercury Wide-Format Laser Cutting and Marking 

  • Marking cutting, dots and etching 
  • Applications: Signage, displays, banners, wall and floor graphics, LED light guide panels 
  • Substrates: PMMA, acetates, ABS, plastics, micanite, wood, paper and cardboard, textiles, glass, wood, metal, more

FLEXI BLU LGP Panel/Backlight Laser Machine

  • Cutting, kiss-cutting and dot etching 
  • Applications: Interior design, advertising, visual and POP communications, and signage 
  • Compatible materials: PMMA (acrylic and plexiglass)


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