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Kelva Non-Contact Web Cleaning Systems

A clean web press improves print quality, minimizes downtime, reduces spoilage and extends the life of your press. Best of all, it positively impacts your bottom-line.

Kelva Cleanflow Non-contact Web Cleaning Systems comprise of a cleaner head, anti-static equipment, filter/fan unit and connecting duct system. Several models are available for all types of continuous running substrates in web widths from 11.81” (300 mm) to over 32.8’ (10 m). Kelva offers cleaning solutions for specific webs such as tissue, corrugated, glass, laminating, newsprint and many more.


  • No interference on web guiding or web tension
  • No contact damage on the web since the material remains untouched
  • Low maintenance costs due to very little wear
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Compact design enabling integration into nearly any application

Standard Versions

Type Opening Single-/double-sided Web width max.
BR45 Manual in web direction Single-sided <23.62” (<600 mm)Double-sided <23.62” (<600 mm)  39.37” (1000 mm)
BR41 Pneumatic cylinders Single-sided <23.62” (<600 mm)Double-sided >600 mm  39.37” (1000 mm)
BR54 Pneumatic cylinders Single-sided <23.62” (<600 mm)Double-sided <23.62” (<600 mm)  39.37” (1000 mm)
BR31 Pneumatic cylinders Double-sided 110.24” (2800 mm)
BR51 Pneumatic cylinders Double-sided 110.24” (2800 mm)
ST65 Pneumatic cylinders Double-sided 78.74” (2000 mm)
ST85 Pneumatic cylinders Double-sided 137.80 (3500 mm)
HS65 Pneumatic cylinders Double-sided 98.43” (2500 mm)
HS85 Pneumatic cylinders Double-sided 137.80 (3500 mm)
HS85W Pneumatic cylinders Multiple 413.39” (10500 mm)


Specific web types demand special features in order to achieve optimum results.

Specially developed versions are presented below:

Cleaner head Applications
ST65/ 85CC Kelva Corrucleaner for corrugated board applications
HS65/ 85BT Kelva Brush Type Cleaners for more aggressive cleaning, suitable for nature-fiber webs
HS85GC Kelva Glass Cleaner, for wide web glass applications
HS85TC Kelva Tissue Cleaner, for narrow and wide tissue, non-woven and glassfiber

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