CODIMAG ViVA 340 Évolution Digital Label Press
Codimag Viva EVOLUTION 340
The ViVA 340 evolution is the alternative to digital presses, for a more profitable and flexible short-run solution, in offset.
CODIMAG ViVA 340 Offset Label Press
Codimag Viva 340
The ViVA 340 is a modular press which can be specified to each customer's needs.
CODIMAG ViVA 420 Offset Label Press
Codimag Viva 420
The ViVA 420 is among the most productive intermittent presses on the market.
Edale Card Line
edale card line single pass machine
Single Pass Print and Personalization Pre-Paid Card and Lottery Line Edale’s Card Line is a highly productive web-fed solution for the
Edale FDC510
Edales FDC-510 web-fed flatbed die cutting machine, ideal solution, converting conventional, digitally printed products, require cutting, creasing, braille embossing
       Web-Fed Flatbed Die Cutting The FDC-510 is an ideal solution for converting conventional or digitally printed products
Edale FL1
FL-1 Compact Flexographic Press
Compact Flexographic Printing Press With a footprint of just 27 square feet (2.5 square meters) and a web path of
Edale FL3
Edale FL-3 Label and Packaging Printing Press
Modular Flexographic Label and Packaging Press The FL3 has been designed with our customers in mind. Market demands for high-quality products
Edale FL5
fl5 carton
Labels and Flexible Packaging Configuration The FL5 flexographic printing and converting solution has been designed and engineered by Edale, resulting in
Edale FL5 + FDC510
Folding Carton Configuration The FL5 flexographic printing and converting solution has been designed and engineered by Edale, resulting in a
GOEBEL IMS Aluminum Converting Lines
IMS RUI aluminum rewinder slitter
Aluminum Converting Lines For Aluminum Foils and Laminates Special machines are required for different aluminum foil applications. These include: Foil
GOEBEL IMS KPW3 Roll Slitter Rewinder
roll slitter
The GOEBEL IMS KPW3 is our fully automatic roll slitter rewinder for cash register, ATM rolls etc. The slitter rewinder
GOEBEL Monoslit Slitter Rewinders
The World’s Widest Slitter Rewinder for Films The GOEBEL IMS MONOSLIT and MONOSLIT GIANT machines feature state-of-the-art technology with the
GOEBEL IMS MPW Turret Center Winder
GOEBEL Senntech MPW Turret Center Winder
The GOEBEL IMS MPW is a fully automatic turret center winder. The machine is designed for a large variety of
GOEBEL IMS NovaSlit S Aluminum Foil Slitter
matik novaslit
        Aluminum Foil Slitter The NovaSlit S is an aluminum foil slitter capable of winding and slitting
GOEBEL IMS OPTIMA 2000 Duplex Slitter Rewinder
GOEBEL IMS_OPTIMA 2000 automatic slitter
The GOEBEL IMS OPTIMA 2000 machine is a multiple-purpose, duplex slitter rewinder. Due to its variety of winding systems including direct
GOEBEL IMS OPTIMA-Z Slitter Rewinder
  The GOEBEL IMS OPTIMA-Z series is developed for converting paper for the cigarette production industry. The design of the slitting
GOEBEL optislit Slitter Rewinder
The GOEBEL IMS OPTISLIT slitter rewinder is the optimum solution of converting pressure- and surface-sensitive paper. The pure center winding operation
GOEBEL optiwind drum winder
The GOEBEL IMS OPTIWIND machine is designed to convert paper and cardboard up to a width of 275.60” (7,000 mm). The