CODIMAG ViVA 340 √Čvolution Digital Label Press
Codimag Viva EVOLUTION 340
The ViVA 340 evolution is the alternative to digital presses, for a more profitable and flexible short-run solution, in offset.
CODIMAG ViVA 340 Offset Label Press
Codimag Viva 340
The ViVA 340 is a modular press which can be specified to each customer's needs.
CODIMAG ViVA 420 Offset Label Press
Codimag Viva 420
The ViVA 420 is among the most productive intermittent presses on the market.
Decorative Film Industry
OLBRICH Decorative Film Industry
Through our decades of experience in the decorative film industry we know: Your sector has the highest optical demands. This
Digistar Inkjet Label Finishing, Lombardi
Lombardi Digistar Inkjet
Digistar Inkjet Label Finishing, from Lombardi, finishes pre-printed labels: Flexo unit with electronic register and format control Fixed magnetic cylinder
Digistar Modular Label Finishing, Lombardi
Lombardi Digistar
Fully modular system was developed for the finishing of labels pre-printed with digital or other impression processes.
Film Industry Adhesive Tape
OLBRICH Film Industry Adhesive Tape
As one of the leading suppliers of production equipment and machinery for the finishing of self-adhesive films and papers, we
Film Industry Medical
OLBRICH Film Industry Medical
With over 40 years of experience as a partner to the global pharmaceutical industry and medical industry, we know your
FLEXI BLU LGP Panel/Backlight Laser Machine
SEI Laser FLexi Blu
FLEXI BLU LGP Panel/Backlight Laser Machine is the high-end solution for high-speed production of LGP panels for backlight applications. Processes:
FLEXOLINE Narrow Web Press, Lombardi
Lombardi Flexoline
Flexoline offers advanced technological solutions aimed at ensuring excellent printing register also with high speeds and granting ease of use.
Floor Covering Industry
Floor Coverings Industry
With OLBRICH you can rely on state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience from hundreds of reference plants in the floor
Further Branches
OLBRICH Further Branches
Tailor-made solutions for a wide range of applications are our strength. Tell us your individual requirements for the production of
Invicta Flexo Web Press, Lombardi
Lombardi Invicta Flexo Web Press
The inclination towards continuous and more advanced technological horizons leads to the birth of Invicta, the most modern, innovative and
Invicta i2 Large Flexo Web Press, Lombardi
Lombardi Invicta i2
Invicta i2 is equipped with full electronic pre-register system, register system and print pressures system, ensuring the finest quality and
Kelva Adhesive Rolls
Kelva Consumables Adhesive Rolls
Kelva adhesive rolls have moisture resistant paper to ensure that the material remains stable during transit, storage and use.
Kelva Anti-Static Equipment
Kelva logo
Kelva Static Discharge Bars Powerful performance and market leading reliability in anti-static equipment make the Kelva Static Discharge Bars the first
Kelva Brakes and Tension Control
Kelva Brakes
Kelva brakes are designed for many different applications. Our three brake sizes, all of which can be equipped with high
Kelva Contact Web Cleaning Systems
Kelva Contact Web Cleaning Systems
Kelva contact web cleaning systems are available for both single- and double-sided continuous contact web cleaning.