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DPI Direct Utilizes Passion, Diligence, Innovation in Executing Its Capital Expenditure Plan

Article PhotoReduced waste and increased productivity—What more can a printer ask from a press? To start, how about operator friendliness, remote diagnostics, advanced degrees of automation, customization, multi-process print capabilities, diverse finishing options, new business and more competitive positioning?


DPI Direct held to that wish list and even added a few more attractive accommodations—like a short web path, job recall, multiple versioning, quick changeover and simplified maintenance—when it issued its request for proposals on its new flexo press. The Poway, CA-based label specialist, founded in 2003, decrees, “We constantly improve our equipment and technology to remain at the innovative forefront of the industry.”


Sam Mousavi, president and CEO, holds all employees on all shifts to a clear mission statement. “We secure and maintain customer loyalty through partnership, commitment and open communication.” He also promises, “Our focus is to provide superior products, unmatched service and competitive pricing.”


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