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While digital printing has been fully established in the packaging industry, digital finishing is slowly gaining the attention it deserves. Don’t get left behind using old technology.


SEI Laser’s packaging systems allow for the creation of different innovative solutions in the packaging world, including easy-open, easy-ventilation, modified-atmosphere packaging (MAP), windowed packaging, micro- and macroperforations for breathability and microwavable properties. 

Packmaster WD

The Packmaster WebDirection (WD) can be easily integrated into slitter-rewinders. It scores and microperforates as small as 80 microns.

  • Web widths up to 71” (1800 mm)
  • Speeds up to 1640 fpm (500 m/min) for cutting, scoring and macro- and microperforating.
  • Processable materials: paper, laminated paper, film, PET, PP, PE, Nylon and PTFE.

Packmaster CW

  • Packmaster CW

The Packmaster CrossWeb (CW) can be integrated into either solventless laminating machines for window packaging applications or slitter-rewinders for easy-opening or easy-ventilation applications.

  • Web widths up to 71” (1800 mm)
  • Speeds up to 1300 fpm (400 m/min)
  • Cutting, scoring and perforating with galvanometric scanning heads
  • Processable materials: paper, laminated paper and film, PET, PP, PE, nylon and PTFE.

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NEW! Paperone 7000 Digital Converting and Finishing System

SEI LaserPaperone 7000

Paperone 7000 is the most technologically advanced system for digital converting and finishing of B1 sheet materials. Specially designed for the packaging and folding carton industry. Paperone 7000 is the new modular laser based solution for real-time digital cutting and creasing. It is compatible with paper, paperboard, PET, PP and BOPP.

Packmaster WD
Packmaster CW