Sheet-fed Cold Foil Production Challenges:

The Importance of Cold Foil Tension Control

Learn how tension control can effect cold foil results

Sheet-fed folding carton and commercial printers are turning to cold foil to replace the multi-step, tooling-intensive hot foil process or buying and inventorying costly metalized board. In addition to inline efficiency such as time and production cost saving, cold foil delivers the beauty of metallic effects on packaging and graphic products.

Many printers that have cold foil units with out-dated unwind/rewind technologies struggle with production challenges that effect quality and profitability. Foil tension control is one of the crucial components of cold foil units that is often overlooked. Complete the form to gain access to read the rest of this article to learn how tension control can effect cold foil results.

Vinfoil Direct Foil Drive Diagram

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