VIFOP Software (Vinfoil Intelligent Foil Optimizing Program)

  • VIFOP Software automatically detects the foiling area’s from the pdf file, and calculates the optimum job layout
  • VIFOP provides after calculation basic data such as the exact foil and glue consumption
  • The job layout can be converted to a recipe which can be loaded into the Vinfoil Optima and Infigo. These will automatically set the machine.
  • A licence for VIFOP is optionally available

VINFOP image

Comparison MFU/Indexing – ROI

Availability The concept of a coldfoil production system with concerted components is reducing the downtimes during reel changes and ensures a high availability of the system for production The cold foil module requires a crane for the reel changes, which has to be arranged by the costumer. The cost for a crane from an external supplier ranges from EUR 6.000,- and EUR 25.000,-.
The handling of these cranes during reel changes is quite cumbersome in most the cases.
ROI 1 – 1.5 years at an annual volume of 3,000,000 sheets 2 – 2.5 years at an annual volume of 3.000.000 sheets


VIFOP Software Production Capacity

Annual production capacity: 3.000.000 sh
Press model: 6c + coater
Production speed: 13.000 sh/hr
Cold foil price: EUR 0.25 / m2
Cold foil web width: 200 mm
Number of webs: 2
Consumption with MFU: 0.4 m2 / sh
Consumption w/o MFU: 1 m2 / sh
Annual foil cost w/o MFU: EUR 750.000,-
Annual foil cost with MFU: EUR 300.000,-
Annual saving: EUR 450.000,-
ROI: 1.5 years


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