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The GOEBEL IMS TWINWIND is the optimal slitter rewinder for all flexible packaging materials and more. It features individual contact pressure rollers for each winding roll and short, constant web travel down the slitting section ensures the highest winding quality. The machine is used for contact winding on two rewind shafts (with friction elements set up over their entire lengths) and also for direct winding on pneumatically expanding shafts.

  • Shaftless motor driven unwind
  • Automatic control of the contact pressure rollers
  • Slitting section with razor blades or circular knives
  • Shortest possible web travel between slitting and rewinding points
  • Web travel between slitting and winding units are the same on both shafts
  • Finished roll removal system
  • Low maintenance AC drive technology
  • Control system with modern PLC and bus technology
  • Control system with PC
  • Modern operating concept with display and storage of winding parameters
  • Remote assistance via internet


Material width Up to 82.68” (2100 mm)
Running speed Up to 2,625 ft/min (800 m/min)
Unwind diameter Up to 59.06” (1500 mm)
Rewind diameter Up to 31.50” (800 mm)


BOPP, BOPA, PET, PE, PVC, Flexible packaging materials, Flexible laminates, Self-adhesive laminates and other films

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