GOEBEL Senntech MPW Turret Center Winder

The GOEBEL IMS MPW is a fully automatic turret center winder. The machine is designed for a large variety of materials like inkjet paper, self-adhesive label stock, pressure-sensitive material, plotter paper, gift wrap, metallic film and more. In the winding position the MPW starts without tucking, folding or gluing, the web is gently supported during start up. This winder provides even finished rolls. The mechanical and symmetrically expanding winding shafts ensure an optimum roundness in winding. The MPW has a shaftless unwinding system which is equipped with an electronically controlled 4 quadrant AC-motor. Together with the dancer roll it ensures constant web tension.

Fully automatic packaging systems including labeling, shrink-film packaging, automatic plugger and palletizing can be custom configured to meet your specific requirements.


Material width Up to 98.43” (2500 mm)
Running speed Up to 1,968.5 ft./min. (600 m/min.)
Rewind diameter Up to 11.81” (300 mm)


Coated paper, uncoated paper, SD/inkjet/thermal paper, flexible laminates, self-adhesive laminates, wrapping paper, digital imaging paper

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